Garage Parking

Downtown Bethesda has 17 strategically placed public garages and surface lots that put you within a short walking distance to your destination. The following areas of downtown Bethesda have ample parking available during evenings and weekends, and also have several long-term meters for a stay in downtown Bethesda that will be more than four hours:

  • Auburn Avenue and Del Ray Avenue Garage
  • Woodmont Avenue and Old Georgetown Road Garage
  • Woodmont Avenue and Edgemoor Lane Garage

Garage Parking Rates:

  • Cordell/St. Elmo garage, Waverly garage, Bethesda/Elm garage: $1.75/hour
  • Woodmont/Old Georgetown garage, Capital Crescent garage, Woodmont/Rugby garage, Auburn/Del Ray garage, Cheltenham garage, Woodmont/Edgemoor garage : $1.50/hour 
  • Parking lots : $2.00/hour 

Parking is free in Montgomery County parking garages and surface lots on Sundays and County holidays.