Bethesda Painting Awards

The Bethesda Painting Awards is downtown Bethesda's annual juried art competition that exclusively honors painters from Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. $14,000 in prize monies are awarded to the top four painters annually. 

Congratulations to Mary Anne Arntzen of Baltimore, MD, the 2019 Bethesda Painting Awards Best in Show Winner!



Pictured from L to R: Catriona Fraser, Painting Awards Chair; Nicole Santiago, Third Place Winner; Carol Trawick, Founder; Kyle Hackett, 2019 Painting Awards Judge
Pictured from Left to Right: Laura Roulet, 2018 Painting Awards Judge; Carolyn Case, 2018 Bethesda Painting Awards Winner; Bill Schmidt, 2018 Painting Awards Judge; Carol Trawick, Founder of the Painting Awards; Catriona Fraser, Painting Awards Chair

Congratulations to our 2019 Bethesda Painting Awards
Winners & Finalists
Best in Show:
Mary Anne Arntzen, Baltimore, MD
Second Place:
W.C. Richardson, University Park, MD
Third Place:
Nicole Santiago, Willamsburg, VA
Young Artist:
McKinley Wallace III, Baltimore, MD
Taha Heydari, Baltimore, MD
Lillian Hoover, Baltimore, MD
Gina Palacios, Baltimore, MD
Erin Raedeke, Montgomery Village, MD
Read about the finalists here.