Bethesda Film Fest Selected Films

CRI FilmFestCRI: The Story of Juan Pineda (23 minutes)
Film by Gabriel Veras

The story about Juan Pineda, a Washington, D.C.-based visual artist, whose distinct style is also characterized as urban-contemporary/street art. This film takes you through his journey as an immigrant artist in Washington, D.C. His connection to traditions resulted in unique mural work in the area since the mid 1990's. In 2005 & 2014, Pineda was recognized by The Washington Post for restoring the last and only remaining outdoor Latino mural in the Nation's Capital entitled; "A People without Murals is a Demuralized People" (1977). In 2016, he partnered with Brookfield Properties to embellish the Bethesda Metro Center Bus Bay area.

Director Biography
Gabriel Veras hails from Houston, Texas, and now lives in Washington, D.C. Gabe graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film from Columbia College in Chicago. He went on to work for several high-profile editorial and design studios and has produced promo material for Lady Gaga, Madonna, Enrique Igelisias, UFC, Metro PCS, Corn Nuts, Redbull and FOX Networks. He has also been directing music videos and videos promoting a local interactive museum..

Film Fest DeadlyDeathly Silent (18 minutes)
Film by Eman Alghamdi

The film tells the story of Misk, a young woman from Saudi Arabia. The film examines stories of her past that have helped shape who she is right now. Her strength to empower herself is driven from years of familial abuse. She now looks to a hopeful future of personal and financial independence from her family..

Director Biography
Eman moved to the United States from Saudi Arabia in 2012 to pursue her undergraduate degree in Media Studies and Communications. She then went on to pursue her Master of Fine Arts in Film and Media Arts which she earned in December 2019. Her main passion is in social justice issues. Her films focus on the human condition and her themes look at empathy, resilience and relationships amongst others. Her film career has covered many topics including Saudi Arabian cuisine, Arabic calligraphy and the global issue of immigration..

Film Gun Show 2020Gun Show (30 minutes)
Film by Richard Chisolm

After assembling mock assault rifles out of everyday found objects, sculptor David Hess goes on the road to explore America's obsession with guns. When ordinary citizens are allowed to handle these weapons, a fresh and meaningful dialogue results. Gun Show is a film about the power of art to advance a conversation on a subject of dire importance. The sculptures become “weapons of mass discussion.”.
Director Biography
Richard Chisolm is an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker and cinematographer with 30 years of international production experience. Deeply committed to the value of real stories and the adventures of real people, Richard has worked for PBS, National Geographic, BBC, Discovery Channel, HBO, and many other broadcast entities. He was a camera operator on the HBO series “The Wire” and the director of photography for both of ABC's "Hopkins" prime time medical documentary series (2000 and 2008). He is also the recipient of a Peabody Award, a Columbia duPont Journalism award, two Kodak Vision awards, four CINE Golden Eagles, and is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Maryland..

Film Sage 2020Sage (18 minutes)
Film by Gabe Dinsmoor and Rebecca McCutcheon

Erricka Bridgeford’s work to organize city-wide ceasefires is changing the way residents think about violence in their communities. After learning from her son that Baltimore had its most violent year on record, she and a small group of organizers decided to take matters into their own hands.

Director Biography
Gabe has documented the Baltimore Uprising and the Black Lives Matter movement for the last two years in his hometown of Baltimore. In October 2015, Gabe began helping film a feature documentary for HBO called Baltimore Rising about the death of Freddie Gray and the Baltimore Uprising. He also recently contributed as a camera operator on The Keepers, a Netflix docuseries that explores the unsolved murder of the nun Sister Cathy Cesnik who taught English and drama at Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore, MD. Gabe has had his work published by HBO, NETFLIX, A&E, The New York Times, The Guardian, VICE News Tonight, TIME, Entertainment Weekly and Comedy Central among other outlets.