2018 Selected Films


Aiven (6 minutes)
Film by Enrique Huaiquil

Aiven, an artist in his prime, is the witty and theatrical Joseph Shepperd Rogers of Landover, MD. Aiven shares his thoughts on life, death and the mystery in every one of us. The important thing, he says, is to enjoy what you're doing.

Mama Rwanda (30 minutes)
Film by Laura Waters Hinson

In Rwanda, a new generation of working mothers are transforming the nation into one of the world’s fastest growing economies, just two decades after genocide, with their passion for entrepreneurship.

Pot of Gold (20 minutes)
Film by Daiei Onoguchi

A curious filmmaker flies across the globe to investigate why the Japanese are so obsessed with bidet toilets. There, he discovers the unexpected story behind these mysterious machines.

Sisterly (28 minutes)
Film by Nina Vallado

Nina and Lisa are two sisters destined to be the best of friends. When Lisa is diagnosed with autism at the age of two, Lisa’s voice disappears and she is unable to communicate. Nina and Lisa search for connection, intimacy and sisterhood despite the challenges of autism.

Two Steps Back (12 minutes)
Film by R. Kayeen Thomas

University professors and other experts explore the downside of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision by considering the argument of Dr. Derrick Bell, the first black tenured law professor at Harvard and an opponent of the widely praised Supreme Court case.