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Gallery B_Feb.21"CounterCurrent"
Exhibit by ART4US Coop; Work by Nana Bagdavadze, Katty Biglari, Antonella Manganelli and Grazia Montalto
February 3 - 27, 2021
Wednesday - Saturday, 12-4pm


Nana Bagdavadze

Georgian born, Nana Bagdavadze is a classically trained artist who has been exhibiting in the U.S. and Europe for many years. Her work is included in permanent collections including, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, National Library of Georgia, Tbilisi and the University of Kansas, as well as private collections throughout the world. Nana taught painting and drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi, Georgia and has been on faculty at Seattle Pacific University as well as taught lessons at the Pratt Fine Arts Center, Kirkland Art Center, University of Washington Experimental College and workshops in France. Based in Washington, D.C., she frequently travels for commissions, teaching and exhibitions.

Katty Biglari

Katty Biglari moved to Washington, D.C. in 1978 to attend college and pursue her dream of becoming a painter. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and went on to complete her Master of Fine Arts at George Washington University. Since then she has continued to refine her approach to painting. Working in abstraction, she conveys her thoughts through imagery, color and lines and has drawn on theories of automation, abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction, and color. Time and space are recurring themes in her art, and the paintings represent reflection, geometry, contrasts and opposing forces. The images in her paintings develop gradually through multi-layering of acrylic paint.

Antonella Manganelli

Born in Italy and raised in a family of art collectors, Antonella Manganelli embraced her artistic roots and became an art student, collector, curator, dealer and artist. She has shown her work in Italy, Northern Virginia and North Carolina. Antonella believes in the power of nature as an ancient healer and finds her balance painting her journey through life. Her work reflects the surreal vision of her world that she explores while traveling extensively throughout Europe, North and Central America, Canada and Asia. Along with her husband, she owns an antiquarian library, Marninart, specializing in rare illustrated art books and modern and contemporary art. She is also a board member of the League of Reston Artists.

Grazia Montalto

A Parisian-born artist who grew up in Naples, Italy, Grazia Montalto moved to Washington, D.C. in her early twenties. She has always been interested in artistic expression and her passion for art spans many mediums. Grazia has a special interest in architecture, silversmith and drawing and has more than 25 years of experience in print and digital graphic design as a graphic designer and art director. A minimalist at heart, her colorful work is inspired by her travels and evokes emotion. Visible in Grazia’s drawings, is her energy towards embracing life boldly, as lines and colors are mixed to create beautiful and original views. Her artwork has been shown in various shows. IN 2018, Grazia founded ART4US, a cooperative for artists based in Washington, D.C.


March 2021_Worker_Clark Construction"Worker"
Exhibit by Clark Construction; Artwork by Aleksey Kondratyev
March 3 - 27, 2021
Friday & Saturday, 12-6pm





“Worker” is presented by Clark Construction and features the artwork of Aleksey Kondratyev, the company’s third Photographer-in-Residence. Clark Construction began their Photographer-in-Residence program in 2016. The program commissions an emerging artist to capture the art of building, focusing on social aspects of the building process and the role that human relationships play. The exhibit will showcase a selection of images from Kondratyev’s travels throughout 2019-2021, as he visited Clark Construction’s offices and project sites across the United States. His photographs tell the stories of the men and women who build the necessary infrastructure that enables contemporary life.

Aleksey Kondratyev

Based in Los Angeles, Kondratyev’s work examines the intersection of labor, industry and identity. His artwork has been exhibited globally including at the SFO Museum at the San Francisco International Airport; Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago, IL; Red Hook Labs in Brooklyn, NY; the Berlin Center for Contemporary Art, Germany; the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece; the Museum of Contemporary Art Rome, Italy; Les Rencontres d’Arles, France, and Galleria Foto-Forum in Bolzano, Italy. Kondratyev has also been widely published, appearing in publications including The Financial Times, National Geographic, The Guardian, The New York Times, Der Spiegel, Vogue Italia and British Journal of Photography. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wayne State University and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles.