Exhibition Schedule

Color in May
Paintings by Catherine Levinson

May 1 - 25

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6pm
Opening Reception: Friday, May 10, 6-8pm

Bethesda-based painter Catherine Levinson has embraced her passion for art since attending the High School of Music and Art in New York City. She majored in art at City College in New York, eventually becoming a high school art teacher. In addition to teaching art, Catherine worked most of her career as a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, incorporating art into her practice, extensively relying on her artistic training as she worked with young children. Catherine describes her painting style as hard edge. The patterns and colors are influenced by her love of Henri Matisse’s work as well as the bright colors of British artist, David Hockney. The paintings derive their meaning from the organization of the elements of line, color, shape and pattern through design and composition on a two-dimensional picture plane. The instantaneous power of vibrant colors is a key element in building the structure of the works through repetition and movement on the surface of the plane. 

Bethesda Painting Awards
Paintings by Competition Finalists
June 5-29

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6pm
Opening Reception: Friday, June 14, 6-8pm

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