Gallery B Exhibitions

Gallery B_November 2019"Time, Space, Matter and Beyond"
Solo exhibition featuring the artwork of Kee Woo Rhee
November 6 - 30

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6pm
Opening Reception: Friday, November 8, 6-8pm


Kee Woo Rhee  
Kee Woo Rhee, originally from Korea and now a resident of Silver Spring, MD, is a landscape photographer who is motivated by her desire to explore the unfamiliar. Drawn toward what she doesn't understand, her curiosity is the driving force behind her art. She began her career as a physicist but realized her passion for photography and became immersed in pursuing landscape, long exposure and minimalist photography. When on location, she aims to fully absorb the surroundings, visualizing the structures and tones of the setting to build a composition that reveals the place’s beauty. She has explored awe-inspiring landscapes and has discovered a deep connection to the planet through her work.