Arlington Road

Capital Crescent Trail Retaining Wall Mural

2015 Before
The first public art mural project organized by the Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District was the Capital Crescent Trail Retaining Wall located on Arlington Road, by Bradley Boulevard and across from the Safeway grocery store.

Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn are a Baltimore-based artist team striving to transform public spaces into colorful and vibrant experiences. They have been collaborating on large-scale murals, installations and sculpture since 2001.

Their colorful public art murals can be found in Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA and New York City, NY. They have participated in several street art showcases, including Baltimore’s Open Walls, Atlanta’s Living Walls Conference, Rochester’s Wall Therapy, Richmond’s RVA Street Art Festival, and POW! WOW! Hawaii.

2015 After
With consideration for the structural surfaces of the environment, each piece painted by Jessie and Katey are specifically designed for its location. Recently they have been making large scale textiles pieces, experimenting with traditional dying techniques and appliqué. Patterns in nature, woven textiles, and bold color combinations inspire their aesthetic.