Facts & Figures

Based upon the most recent figures available from the U.S. Census Bureau and a CACI study:

Population of Bethesda CDP is 60,858 (2010 Census Bureau)

Estimated average household income is $129,440 (City Data, 2009)

78.9% of the population holds a college degree, and 48.8% hold graduate/professional degrees.

Median housing value $734,614 (City Data, 2009)

According to the Montgomery County Department of Parks & Planning Web site, Bethesda has a downtown workforce that exceeds 43,000.

The Bethesda Metro station, located in the heart of the downtown, handles more than 15,000 passengers on the average weekday. During weekends, more than 10,000 passengers pass through the station. The number of passengers exiting the Bethesda Metro station exceeds the number entering the station on both weekdays and weekends.

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