Paint the Town Application

The section of the Bethesda Metro Plaza and Bus Bay area designated for the public mural includes six columns, a 90' bench and the overhang above the station's main entrance that is a focal point for patrons entering the station. The measurements for all three elements of this public art project are included below. Please see the attached pdf for photos and measurements.

Columns: 12' H x 6.5' C (per column)
Bench: 90' L x 2' W x 1.5' H
Overhang: 158' L x 7.5' H

Click here for a diagram.

Artist must be 18 years of age or older to apply.
Artist must be a resident of Washington, D.C., Maryland or Virginia.

Artist is required to use a paint specific to outdoor and concrete use such as Keim, SherKryl, NovaColor by Artex or Golden Artist Colors, etc.

$30,000 will be provided to the artist. This sum is inclusive of all artist(s) fees, insurance, fabrication, installation, travel, and all other project related expenses.

The project must be completed by Oct. 15, 2016.  The artist or team of artists will coordinate their work schedule with the Bethesda Urban Partnership.

Please submit the following items to be considered for the “Paint the Town” Bethesda Metro Plaza mural project.

  1. Completed Artist Application
  2. Artist Statement
  3. Resume
  4. Three professional references
  5. Include a scale rendering of the proposed mural to be completed with your application following the general dimensions in the Bethesda Metro Plaza public art project diagram.
  6. Upload 10 images of your work
  7. Image description sheet

Click here to complete the Artist Application and upload the required attachments.