Art Galleries & Studios

Bethesda Custom Framing
7910 Old Georgetown Road 
(301) 654-1118
For 40 years, Bethesda Custom Framing has been serving Bethesda and neighboring towns. With so many years of service they have amassed a huge collection of frames consisting of the finest materials. In additon to selling frames, Bethesda Custom Framing has a gallery of artwork for sale.
La Collection 
7020 Wisconsin Avenue
(301) 530-6700
La Collection prides itself on curating a diverse and high-quality collection of original art. Many of our artists are local to the Washington, D.C. area. Artwork in our exhibits cover a range of price points and often include both new and established talent. La Collection is the public gallery of SR/A Interior Design, a boutique commercial interior design firm, and each artwork exhibited at La Collection is hand-selected by our designers.
Bethesda Fine Art
4931 Cordell Avenue 
(301) 654-1118
The gallery showcases Washington Color School artists, who brought the focus of the art world to Washington DC in the 1960s, and exhibits their work in relation to major abstractionists and color field artists working at the time.  Exhibitions feature works by Josef Albers, Gene Davis, Frank Stella, Sam Gilliam, Sol LeWitt, Sonya Delaunay, Ilya Bolotowsky, Cynthia Bickley, Mark Dagley and others.
Studio B
7475 Wisconsin Avenue
(301) 215-7880

Studio B, located in the lower level of 7475 Wisconsin Avenue, is home to artists Linda Button, Shanthi Chandrasekar, Judy Gilbert Levey and Sara Leibman. Each artist creates, showcases and sells their work onsite.   
Consider It Done
7806 Old Georgetown Road •
(301) 654-8690

Consider It Done specializes in tabletop and decorative arts. 

“Tunnel Vision” Public Art Exhibition
Bethesda Metro Station Tunnel
(301) 215-6660

“Tunnel Vision” features the work of 12 regional artists whose original works have been printed on a polymetal material, size 4’ x 8’, and lines the walls of Bethesda’s Pedestrian Tunnel that runs under Wisconsin Avenue at the Bethesda Metro Station.

Framer McGee's Gallery
4936 Hampden Lane, Suite E
(301) 656-4090
Since 1980, Framer McGee's Gallery has been the most sought-after framer by interior designers, artists, architects and curators in Bethesda, MD and the Washington, D.C. area. Framer McGee features artwork by Aubry Bodine, Terri Hallman, Frank Kaczmarek, Gayle Mandell, Scott Matyaszek, Michail Meshkov, Debra Nicholas, Linda Roberts, Alice V. Scott, Philip Singer, A. Skvarch Marcelo Suaznabar and Joel E. Traylor
Upstairs Art Studios
4948 St. Elmo Avenue
(301) 442-6402
Upstairs Art Studios features eight artists working and creating in a downtown Bethesda Art Studio/Gallery. Artists include Natalie Abrams, Iris Elfenbein, Joan Field, Cookie Kerxton, Jane Rostov, Karen Schneider, Sheryl Staren and Gloria Turner. Viewing by appointment only.  

Gallery B
7700 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite E
(301) 215-7990

MFA @ Gallery B
Artwork by Maryland Federation of Art members. 



Waverly Street Gallery
4600 East-West Highway
(301) 951-9441

Off the Wall
Sculptures by Maryland Federation of Art members.