Lot 31

Woodmont Ave. - Bethesda Ave. Parking Lot Redevelopment

The downtown Bethesda area surrounding Lot 31 has experienced significant growth over the last decade.  This growth has resulted in a shortage of parking in this area.  In an effort to increase parking, Montgomery County Division of Parking (MCDOT) has entered into a joint development partnership that will bring a mixed-use development with 940 new public parking spaces to downtown Bethesda.



The Woodmont Avenue-Elm Street Parking Lot (public parking lot 31 and 31A) has been closed, and will remain closed for approximately 30 months.

Aug. 22, 2014 Update on Woodmont Avenue Reopening:  Due to ongoing, active construction that impacts pedestrian and vehicular safety, Woodmont Ave., between Bethesda Ave. and Leland St., will remain closed until further notice.

The new buildings under construction will include residential units, retail spaces and an underground parking garage with both tenant and public spaces.

Parking Options

Short-term parkers with disabilities are being accommodated as close as possible to Lot 31.  

Long-term parkers need to use other parking facilities that require walking or use of the FREE Bethesda Circulator.

103 short-term parking spaces and 9 ADA parking spaces have been added to the Bethesda-Elm Street parking garage by exchanging the current long-term spaces for these short-term spaces.

Long-term parking spaces are available at the Woodmont Avenue-Old Georgetown Road Garage and the Auburn-Del Ray Avenue Garage.

Please check back for periodic updates on this project.

Call the County Parking Office at 240-777-8744 for information on monthly Parking Convenience Stickers.

Map of Additional Parking Options.

Lot 31 Public Notification Plan.

County Press Release.