2017 Selected Films


Charlie & Sam (15 minutes)
Film by Ben Powell & Taylor Powell

In 2016, fewer than 5% of American WWII veterans remain alive. Follow 97-year-old World War II Naval Aviator Charlie Edwards as he travels to meet his old squadron-mate Sam Takis for a final farewell, which is the first time they'll have seen each other since the end of the war.

The Culture of Collards (9 minutes)
Film by Vanina Harel and Aditi Desai

Collards greens are more than a simple side dish. Brought to the American South with the slave trade, they represent a critical aspect of African-American cultural history. Passionate farmers, historians and educators work tirelessly to preserve and share this heritage while promoting healthy communities. 

Encaustic (5 minutes)
Film by Joe Dzikiewicz & Jaclyn O’Laughlin

Outside Washington, D.C. there is a small community of artists that practice the ancient art of encaustic painting which is a form of painting that uses melted wax. This art form dates back to the Egyptian times and was revitalized in the 1970’s by an artist named Jasper Johns. The process and ways to use the art form vary which make it unique for each person.

Frogman (15 minutes)
Film by Tyler Trumbo

As a child, Patrick Humphrey had no idea his father was a spy. Frogman delves into the sacrifices and burdens of a family where keeping secrets become part of the job, and explores how much we can really know someone through the stories we inherit.

The Sandman (19 minutes)
Film by Lauren Knapp

Dr. Carlo Musso has been helping the state of Georgia execute inmates by lethal injection since 2003. The medical community strongly and unanimously opposes the use of medicine for executions. Yet, most states practicing lethal injection require a physician presence. In exchange, they offer a cloak of anonymity. The Sandman explores Dr. Musso’s own moral equivocation and justification for providing “end of life care” within the correctional environment, while personally opposing capital punishment.