Bethesda Art Walk Gallery Schedule
Friday, May 13


Consider It Done

7806 Old Georgetown Road • (301) 654-8690
Consider It Done specializes in tabletop and decorative arts. February will feature sculpture by local artist Judy Moore.

“Tunnel Vision” Public Art Exhibition
Bethesda Metro Station Tunnel • (301) 215-6660
“Tunnel Vision” features the work of 12 regional artists whose original works have been printed on a polymetal material, size 4’ x 8’, and lines the walls of Bethesda’s Pedestrian Tunnel that runs under Wisconsin Avenue at the Bethesda Metro Station.

Gallery B
7700 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite E • (301) 215-7990
Retrospective of a Bauhaus American Abstract Artist Werner Drewes (1899-1985)
Gallery B's May exhibition features the work of the legendary late artist Werner Drewes. Werner Drewes, 1899 – 1985, was a printmaker and art teacher. Considered to be one of the founding fathers of American abstraction, he was one of the first artists to introduce concepts of the Bauhaus school within the United States.
Waverly Street Gallery
4600 East-West Highway • (301) 951-9441
“Solitudes” by Sarah Hood Salomon is an exhibition about urban isolation. People seek out seclusion in a variety of ways. These private moments are on greater display in public places. The anonymity of a city allows, and forces, people to withdraw into their own spaces. Crowded settings provide opportunities for individuals to be overlooked; unpeopled places create an anteroom for lonely souls.
Studio B
7475 Wisconsin Avenue • (301) 215-7880
Studio B, located in the lower level of 7475 Wisconsin Avenue, is home to artists Linda Button, Judy Gilbert Levey and Steve Hay. Each artist creates, showcases and sells their work onsite.