Capital Crescent Garage

Capital Crescent Garage - Now Open!

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The downtown Bethesda area surrounding Lot 31 has experienced significant growth over the last decade.  This growth has resulted in a shortage of parking in this area.  In an effort to increase parking, Montgomery County Division of Parking (MCDOT) has entered into a joint development partnership that will bring a mixed-use development with 940 new public parking spaces to downtown Bethesda.



Woodmont Avenue and New Capital Crescent Garage is Now Open;

Woodmont Avenue, between Bethesda Avenue and Leland Street, and a new County parking garage in Bethesda, called the Capital Crescent Garage opened Tuesday, January 20. The garage, located at the intersection of Woodmont and Bethesda avenues on two former surface parking lots, is part of a public-private, mixed use development that added 250 residential units, ground level retail, and more than tripled the number of public parking spaces available on the site. The underground Capital Crescent Garage has approximately 960 public spaces and 290 private parking spaces for tenants. 

Call the County Parking Office at 240-777-8744 for information on monthly Parking Convenience Stickers.

Map of Additional Parking Options.

Lot 31 Public Notification Plan.

County Press Release.